The broad range of expertise of the PLM Institute enables us to be a partner not only for large companies but also for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We provide training, mentoring, research and coaching services to companies of many sizes in many industry sectors.


Standard Courses:
The objective of the standard courses is to provide participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge and know-how needed to work effectively in a company’s PLM environment. The PLM Institute’s training program is modular, with courses at introductory, intermediate and advanced levels. These address the various components of PLM, the different populations within a company, and the different phases of PLM implementation in a company.

Company-specific Courses:
A company-specific course is for people from a single company. This type of course addresses the specific need of a company. These courses are tailored to fit, as closely as possible, to a company’s requirements.

Mentoring, typically of middle managers and PLM Project members, helps the mentee to develop specific skills and knowledge in the PLM domain. The amount of mentoring time varies. Often the mentee meets for four hours per month with the mentor. The initial mentoring period is usually four months, but longer durations tend to lead to stronger effects.

The Institute participates in applied research projects addressing the effective application of PLM in companies.

The Institute provides coaching in areas such as:

  • analysis. We help you analyse existing processes and identify improvements
  • accompanying. We support you in the implementation of your PLM solution
  • assistance. We assist you, in a neutral way, when choosing PLM applications
  • definition. We help you define your training and education objectives and needs
  • approach. We help you plan and manage your PLM project
  • strategy. We help you develop your PLM strategy