The PLM Institute, created in 2012, is the leading independent research and education organisation focused on the development of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) in companies. Its mission is to:

  • provide PLM training and education for companies
  • carry out applied PLM research
  • bring together global PLM players, and lead an in-depth discussion of important PLM issues

PLM emerged at the beginning of the 21st Century. Since then it has spread throughout industries of all types and companies of all sizes. Today, it’s not unusual to find that the activities of between 20% and 40% of the people in a company are affected by PLM. However there’s a widespread lack of knowledge about PLM and a similar lack of PLM specialists.

The mission of the PLM Institue is to overcome, both for those managing PLM and for those working in PLM processes and using PLM software, the current lack of PLM knowledge in industry.

The mission of the PLM Institute translates into the following objectives:

  • communicate PLM knowledge to top management by all appropriate means, in particular through education, conferences and the Web
  • educate and train all those involved with PLM in a company so they can work effectively in the PLM environment
  • certify PLM knowledge
  • provide independent expert PLM assistance
  • carry out applied PLM research to improve PLM knowledge and practices within companies

To achieve these objectives, the PLM Institute is active in six main areas:

  • developing and providing PLM training and education
  • PLM coaching and mentoring
  • dissemination of PLM knowledge
  • promoting PLM
  • organising PLM meetings and events
  • carrying out applied PLM research