PLM Research Papers

Below is a list of selected PLM research papers published in 2014.

Title Source/Location Authors
Stages in Product Lifecycle: Trans-disciplinary Design Context ORBilu, the University of Luxembourg’s Open Repository and Bibliography A.J. Qureshi, K.Gericke, L.Blessing
Services supporting Collaborative Alignment of Engineering Networks Enterprise Information Systems (ISSN 1751-7575) K. Jansson, M. Uoti, I. Karvonen
Optimizing PLM Implementation from Vision to Real Implementation in Estonian SMEs 9th International DAAAM Baltic Conference INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING M. Paavel, S. Kaganski, J. Lavin, K. Sonk
A Reference Architecture for Real-Time Performance Measurement Book. ISBN: 978-3-319-07006-3 S. Karadgi
Tests Management in CALIPSOneo: A MDE Solution Journal of Software Engineering and Applications A. Salido, J.A.G. Garcia, J. Ponce, J.J. Gutierrez
Modelling for data management & exchange in Concurrent Engineering-A case study of civil aircraft assembly line Cranfield Library (Thesis or Dissertation) W. Han
A PLM components monitoring framework for SMEs based on a PLM maturity model and FAHP methodology Journal of Modern Project Management H. Zhang, A. Sekhari, Y. Ouzrout, A. Bouras
Dimensions of Interoperability in the AEC Industry American Society of Civil Engineers E.A. Poirier, D. Forgues, S. Staub-French
Achieving sustainable new product development by integrating product life-cycle management capabilities Science Direct H. Gmelin, S. Seuring
Migrating product structure bill of materials Excel files to STEP PDM implementation Science Direct H.M. Shih
Un système multi-agents pour la gestion des connaissances hétérogènes et distribuées Tel Archives I. Lahoud
Модель комплексного сопровождения медицинской техники


И. Е. Суковатая
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) as a Strategy for Project Structuring and Coordination 17th International Congress on Project Management and Engineering R. Mejia-Gutierrez, C. Marroquín, J.D. Giraldo
A Project–Product Model–Based Approach to Planning Work Breakdown Structures of Complex System Projects Systems Journal, IEEE A. Sharon, D. Dori
Towards the Synthesis of Product Knowledge Across the Lifecycle National Institute of Standards and Technology P.W. Witherell, B. Kulvatunyou, R. Rachuri
A cloud-based platform to ensure interoperability in aerospace industry Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing M. Khalfallah, N. Figay, C.F. Da Silva, P. Ghodous
Towards Knowledge Driven Adaptive Product Representations Advances in Soft Computing, IR and CT in IEI L. Horváth
Managing design change order in a PLM platform using a CSP approach IJIDeM G. Ducellier, P. Yvars, B. Eynard
CaPLIM: the next generation of Product Lifecycle Information Management? Aalto University, School of Science and Technology S. Kubler, K. Främling
Critical Success Factors for New Product Development in Hard Disc Drive Manufacturer in Malaysia Universiti Teknologi Malaysia C.C. Martin
Group fuzzy AHP approach to embed relevant data on “communicating material” Computers in Industry S. Kubler et al.
A Business Process Modelling Approach to Improve OEM and Supplier Collaboration JOAMS S. Mahdikhah, M. Messaadia, D. Baudry
Investigating the total quality elements based on Deming management model in oil industry in Libya-an empirical study Teeside’s Research Repository M.R. Elhuni, M.M. Ahmad
Evaluation of EDA tools for electronic development and a study of PLM for future development businesses Linköpings universitet D. Tang
Part-out-based spares provisioning management: A military aviation maintenance case study Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering J. Block, A. Ahmadi, T. Tyrberg, P. Söderholm
Product lifecycle management in design and engineering education: International perspectives SAGE Journal E.A.S. Fielding, J.R. McCardle, B. Eynard, N. Hartman, A. Fraser
Determinants of a sustainable new product development Journal of Cleaner Production H. Gmelin, S. Seuring
Sustainability Performance Indicators for Product Lifecycle Management International Congress of Mechanical Engineering V. Nappi, H. Rozenfeld
An information integration modelling architecture for product family life cycle in mass customisation International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Xu-Wei Pan et al.
A Distributed Approach for Global Product Lifecycle Management KTH J. Vargas-Orellana
Elevated level design intent and behavior driven feature definition for product modeling Industrial Electronics Society, IECON L. Horvath, I.J. Rudas
Reviewing Product Lifecycle Management Models For Complex Sectors: A Proposal Università del Salento A. Corallo et al.
Product Lifecycle Management and Compliance with International Standards: a Case Study Analysis in the Footwear Industry International Journal of Product Lifecycle Management
An Approach for a Model Based Development Process of Cybertronic Systems 58th Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium
Scope Change, Flexibility and the Management of Projects Review of Integrative Business and Economics Research
New Method for Intellectual Content Driven Generic Product Model Generation 2014 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics
PLM System Support for Modular Product Development Computers in Industry
P2P Data Synchronization for Product Lifecycle Management Computers in Industry
Organizing Complex Engineering Operations throughout the Lifecycle: A Service-Centred View and Case Studies Journal of Service Management
Workflow Engine-driven Universal Product Lifecycle Management System Framework for Small and Medium-Size Enterprises 2014 International Conference on Information Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Semantic Web Service Wrappers as a Foundation for Interoperability in Closed-loop Product Lifecycle Management 3rd International Conference in Through-life Engineering Services
Sustainability Consideration within Product Lifecycle Management through Maturity Models Analysis International Journal of Services and Operations Management
Platform Lifecycle Support using Set-Based Concurrent Engineering Chalmers University of Technology
The Anticompetitive Misuse of Intellectual Property Rights in the European Pharmaceutical Sector University of East Anglia, UK
Systems Engineering Methods for Multidisciplinary Product Definition IEEE 12th International Symposium on Intelligent Systems and Informatics
A Standardized Approach to deal with Firewall and Mobility Policies in the IoT Pervasive and Mobile Computing
The Role of Advertising in Promoting a Product Centria University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Product Data Management Systems as a Tool in Engineering Change Management Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland
Contribution à une modélisation ontologique des informations tout au long du cycle de vie du produit Arts et Métiers ParisTech, France
Integration of design for Remanufacturing in ecodesign Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Manizales, Colombia
Product Portfolio Management Requirements for Product Data Management University of Oulu, Finland
Rapid Productisation Process: Managing an Unexpected Product Increment University of Oulu, Finland
Interval Disaggregate: A New Operator for Business Planning 40th International Conference on Very Large Data Bases
Étude d’intégration fonctionnelle du cycle de développement des produits et des communautés de pratique virtuelles Université de Montréal
Development of a Knowledge-based Feedback Assistance System of Product Use Information for Product Improvement International Journal of Product Development
Managing Product and Production Variety – A Language Workbench Approach 47th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems
A Method for Traceability and “As-built Product Structure” in Aerospace Industry 47th CIRP Conference on Manufacturing Systems
Lifecycle Ontologies for Complex Technical Systems OSTIS-2014
A Methodological Tool Solution in the Model-Driven Engineering Paradigm Journal of Software Engineering and Applications
Perspectives of Users and Service Providers on Deployment Maturity Assessment: A Study of Product Lifecycle Management Systems (PLMS) Indian Institute of Technology


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